Affordable Global Resourcing

  • Hire Skilled Talents from Around the World
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What is Affordable Global Resourcing?

Affordable Global Resourcing is a service provided by Unify LLC that allows our clients to hire skilled people globally. Borders do not stop us from providing our customers with the best resources in every field. We have experts who can filter out the best out of the best. We find the best resources in a variety of fields ranging from architect to programmers.

Key Benefits of This Model:

  • Empowers our clients with the power to start an IT team with a vibrant range of skills almost overnight.
  • It's a cost-effective model, as it saves a lot of overhead costs for our clients. They only need to pay for the resources they use.
  • All the resources get immediate access from our in-house technology experts and upper-level management such as project managers, architects, and designers.
  • It helps in reducing the learning curve which in turn increases efficiency and output. 
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Additional Benefits

  • 60-70% of labor cost is saved instantly as we provide offshore resources
  • Zero employee overhead cost such as employee benefit coverage, payroll, and statutory costs
  • No need to set up an office which saves additional overhead costs such as property rent, telecommunication, admin office, etcetera.
  • You need not keep the resource on payroll once the job is complete. You can pay as you use the resource